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Innovative Strategies to Boost your Social Media

Any business needs communication with its target audience. In the condition of today’s increased relevance of technological reality, marketing landscape has been significantly impacted as a result of which social media marketing has acquired a more emphasized importance. This is quite natural, if we consider the huge amount of time that an average person spends […]

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My Experiences with Steemit Remind me of Klout From Back in the Day

I actually wrote an article similar to the one I am about to write about comparing Klout to Steemit this morning. Klout today is pretty much dead. It had potential to become something huge but once the ownership changed, so did Klout and not for the better. If you remember, as long as you were […]

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How To Create Great Instagram Image Ads For Your App Install Campaigns

    Instagram is probably one of the most targeted and focused social media apps available. Focusing solely on letting users share images and short videos, it has been really protective of its audience. And this is the reason that it took so much time for this popular social platform to open the floodgates for […]

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